The 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas Prom was made a little sweeter when Jupiter Donuts Oakland Park kindly donated 3 gigantic donut walls filled with hundreds of handcrafted Jupiter Donuts for the attendees. The custom-made donut walls were prominently displayed at the prom’s grand entrance to the ballroom at the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort where the prom was held.

This tasty donation stemmed from the “Smile for a Donut” event held at Stoneman Douglas on April 17th. “The students were really excited about our donuts. It’s been such a hard year for them and we just wanted to make them smile,” says Jupiter Donuts Oakland Park owner Eli Thomasevich who organized the event in which 4,000 donuts were freshly baked, hand decorated and individually served to smiling students and faculty. “Little acts of kindness like this really seem to help and we wanted to do more so we offered a donut wall for prom.”

Bakers and decorators started at 4:00 pm the day before the event to prepare 4,000 extra donuts for the April event. “We had a lot of help in the generosity,” Thomasevich says. Jupiter Donuts supplier Dawn Foods generously donated several hundred pounds of donut mix and the assistance of a master baker for the event. Supplier Albany Packaging Products also donated hundreds of Jupiter Donuts boxes. “We were really touched by the generosity of our partners. We learned that the owners of Albany Packaging Products have two children who attend MSD and were participating in the event that day. That’s when you know this tragedy really hit home.”